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Community rules

eLengo is a site for current and aspiring farmers. Use this application to ask and answer questions, access quality education, discover new markets and most importantly collaborate with your fellow farmers - we all go further when we work together!

Community guidelines and things to remember:

  1. This site is only for SERIOUS FARMERS, and those that work with farmers, who wish to learn and contribute to the community.
  2. Group platforms on social media are expected to be interactive, informative and educating - that requires YOUR participation.
  3. Many members are new to farming, and have come here to learn in a safe and supportive environment. Let's keep it positive!
  4. If you choose to become a member you must be prepared to abide by the group's objectives and rules.
  5. Our forums are multilingual and many members speak in both Swahili & English.
Some important rules:
  1. DO NOT post any jokes, spam messages, or external links that are not directly related to farming.
  2. DO NOT post religious or political messages or engage in religious or political discussions.
  3. DO NOT post advertisements unrelated to our community objectives.
  4. DO NOT post adult or graphic content.
  5. DO NOT be confrontational, rude or insulting with community members or Admins. If there is a problem simply click the ‘report’ icon on the offending post, or send a direct message to the site Admin.
  6. DO NOT forget that membership of group platforms are usually made up of people with diverse age, race, social status, political and religious convictions and that every member must be respected.
Count yourself privileged to be a member, and value your membership. If you fail to comply with any of the above rules you will first receive a written warning and suspension. A second offense will result in a loss of your membership.

The Admins' responsibility is to bring the right community together and encourage collaboration - they are not necessarily an “expert” in the field. However, if we work together we will all become experts.

Welcome to our community and glad to have you on the team!